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I’m on track reach 4,000 posts by the end of the year. An average of 666 posts a year (yeah, I know). Let’s round it down to 600 and assume I can maintain that pace for the next 20 years. 12,000 additional entries for a grand total of 16,000.

Blogging really isn’t a numbers game for most of us. The point I want to make is the investment in time and energy.

I’ve mentioned a few times my interest in finding a way to keep “alive” after smays is not. I can leave some money to a friend and ask her to pay the hosting bills. But the blog would be dead for all practical purposes.

But maybe not.

In twenty years, we’ll have AI’s (artificial intelligence). For a fee, mine will read those 16, 000 posts to get a feel for what I wrote about and linked to, picking up a sense of my interests and writing styles in the process.

It will have access to all the books in My Library Thing, my iTunes and iPhoto, flickr, YouTube, etc.

The AI will continuously scour the web of the future, snatching bits and pieces and posting them here. Surviving friends will be able to correspond with who/which will reply. You might find him/her/it more interesting. Certainly better informed.

There’s plenty of video and audio of and I fully expect my AI will be capable of reproducing an acceptable version. So you can talk or iChat with me as well.

Will this be the next evolutionary leap. I don’t see why not. Reminds me of my favorite line from Blade Runner.

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