Why I don’t ride a scooter


A St. Louis firefighter attends to a victim of a motorcycle accident
after a collision with a pickup truck in St. Louis on Saturday.
Two people on the motorcycle were seriously injured.  (UPI Photo/Bill

Sometimes, standing at the pump, I fantacize about getting a little scooter. But then an image –not unlike this one– forms in my mind and I crawl back in the 4-Runner.

And is Barb right, you don’t have to wear a helmet in Missouri now?

One thought on “Why I don’t ride a scooter

  1. Several people recently have told me about purchasing a 49cc scooter to save on gas money. That size scooter is small enough that it isn’t licensed or taxed like a motorcycle. This scene is what I was trying to explain to them regarding why I won’t be doing the same thing. I am also reminded that a high percentage of people one meets on the road are either drunk, high or text messaging. Very scary. Like you, I’ll stay inside my car.

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