What is it with the Apple logo on TV?


"Sex and the City’s" Miranda, Cynthia Nixon, sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night to promote her blockbuster chick flick. Jimmy brought out his laptop partway through the interview for an online multiple choice quiz, which decides which of the four main SATC characters the taker is most like."

I started noticing this after I turned in to a Mac fanboy. What’s the big deal about masking the Apple logo? I guess they’d mask any recognizable brand logo. The difference is how distinctive the MacBook is. But maybe that’s true only of Mac fans. To everyone else, it’s just a laptop.

So here’s today’s assignment: Name another product that is equally recognizable (without seeing the brand logo). Begin.

2 thoughts on “What is it with the Apple logo on TV?

  1. HGTV puts a sticker over the Apple Logo as well. They use the Mac Book Pro a lot and always cover them up.

  2. I can’t think of any product except for the I POD. Although, it is by Apple it doesnt display a logo and everyone just by looking at it already knows what it is. I was a former PC lover and wouldnt use a Mac if my life depended on it. But…when it came down to buying a laptop I had to make a difficult decision between Mac or PCs, and for various reasons I decided to get a MAC. That was the best decision I made! I love my computer. After owning a MAC I have noticed the same thing. All actors/actresses or anyone really that is on T.V owns a MAC. This for some reason gives me the gratification that I too own a MAC and makes me feel even more that I made a good decision. If the STARS own MACS (and they can own whatever they want, and its always the best product or design) than their is something that makes MAC better than PCS. Starting with the inability to get viruses which is a major factor these days. But there is something about that Apple logo that seems to catch everyone’s eye.

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