9 thoughts on “The next president with smays.com

  1. The obvious title is, “Who’s that with Steve Mays?” Is that a black wristband you are wearing?

  2. Immediately after this picture was taken, Obama gargled a glass of water while smays recited Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.”

  3. Are these life size cut outs of smays available? I’m seeing dollar signs here.

  4. I enjoyed your account of the Obama event. And the photo was priceless. (You wouldn’t think a presidential candidate would actually goose someone he didn’t know.)
    One of the interesting parts of working for the Register is the foot traffic of candidates tromping through the newsroom.
    Back in December, there was one day when 3 of the presidential candidates who were in the newsroom (not at one time, thankfully).
    And I had two conversations in one day with Obama. Total cost: Zero. Of course, I didn’t get a photo for the ages like you did.
    [Randy is Asst.Managing Editor of the Des Moines Register]

  5. It appears you are so filled with patriotic zeal that you have begun singing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

  6. Very observant, Andy. That is my Lockergnome button. And, yes, I thought about wearing the fez but feared it would get me the dreaded cavity search.

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