AppleCare passes first test


Apple hardware and software are not perfect. A piece of gear can be defective or stop working… software is, after all, software. I’ve had very good experiences since getting my first Mac just over two years ago.

But a couple of things gacked up recently. A problem with my Airport (wireless router) and my new Mac Mini. Unrelated. And even His Macness, George, couldn’t put things right. So he called Apple support.

I purchased an extended service plan called AppleCare which is a bit pricey but often recommended for switchers.

We wound up calling Apple three times yesterday, speaking to three different people about the two problems. Each time there was zero wait. And each time we wound up speaking with someone that was very knowledgeable. None of those long waits while they try to read the support screens. These folks obviously knew their shit.

And they were all very friendly, but efficient. No time wasted.

But the big "ooh!" moment for me was when the lady helping with the Airport problem resolved the issue and then asked us to wait 5 minutes (until the MacBook went to sleep) to be certain everything was really working correctly.

She didn’t want us to have to call back…get a different agent…and go through the whole routine again.

I’m sure others have had different experiences with Apple and I might have a bad one down the road. But I was reminded of all the hellacious support calls I’ve endured over the years and this was a nice contrast.

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