Stop me when it starts to look like I’m stalking her


I really enjoyed the movie Million Dollar Baby… right up until I realized it was not going have a happy ending. I spent the last 15 or 20 minutes of the film in the lobby, watching some brats play air hockey. I didn’t watch the ending of Old Yeller either.

I bring it up because I just discovered a connection between Maggie Fitzgerald (the Hillary Swank character) and Juli Crockett, the lead singer of the Evangenitals who dropped us a comment last week.

“Boxing trainer Jerry Boyd had never met Juli Crockett when he wrote the stories on which the film Million Dollar Baby is based. But when he did–at a bout in San Diego–he was convinced she was Maggie Fitzgerald, the tough and driven fighter of his fiction (played by Hilary Swank in the movie) come to life. Like Fitzgerald, Crockett came from the South, grew up without a father (but found one in the ring), and had a brief but stunning pro career (3-0, with 2 knockouts) cut short by injuries (though not nearly as severe as Fitzgerald’s). Other parallels: ambition, boxing style, that smile. Crockett, now 29 and a grad student, saw Million Dollar Baby for the first time last week.” [Interview in USNews]

Turns out Ms. Crockett is much more than a humble singer/songwriter. Her Wikipedia page has the dope.

Today’s assignment… name three other female singers who can punch your lights out. Leave your answers on my desk as you leave.

One thought on “Stop me when it starts to look like I’m stalking her

  1. Amy Winehouse
    Janis Joplin
    Shania Twain (I’d let her anytime)
    Honorable mention: Cass Elliott – depends on location; if not much room to navigate, it’d be a huge disadvantage.

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