HRC: Headliner and Legend

MSNBC is airing an episode of their Headliners and Legends series from October 20, 1999. It’s a profile of Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s accurate, as far as I know, and so flattering it could have been produced by her campaign. I tried –unsuccessfully– to find it online.

I’m watching and thinking, “Wow! You couldn’t buy that kind of publicity.” Then it hits me. Is NBC doing damage control?

“Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday morning ripped MSNBC over reporter David Shuster’s suggestion that Chelsea Clinton was “sort of being pimped out” by the campaign.

The Clinton campaign immediately demanded an apology and floated the possibility that Clinton would no longer participate in an MSNBC debate, scheduled for Feb. 26. The campaign did not explain under what conditions Clinton would participate in MSNBC’s debate.” — The Politico:

How about if NBC runs an hour-long special in the middle of a hotly contested primary campaign? This pre-empts the regularly scheduled programming, a show called Deadly Encounter.

How flattering was this profile? I’m voting for Obama but this segment had me thinking that HRC might be a good president. I’m okay now, but for a few minutes….