Andrew Sullivan: The Clintons’ Last Stand

“Clinton is a terrible manager of people. Coming into a campaign she had been planning for, what, two decades, she was so not ready on Day One, or even Day 300. Her White House, if we can glean anything from the campaign, would be a secretive nest of well-fed yes-people,  an uncontrollable egomaniac spouse able and willing to bigfoot anyone if he wants to, a phalanx of flunkies who cannot tell the boss when things are wrong, and a drizzle of dreary hacks like Mark Penn. Her only genuine skill is pivoting off the Limbaugh machine (which is now as played out as its enemies). Her new weapon is apparently bursting into tears. I mean: really.” [Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish]

This kind of post-mortem is showing up all over the web. Too soon? Don’t know. But they remind me of this photo of HRC with my friend and co-work Kay Henderson, taken during the campaign in Iowa. Senator Clinton looks so… serene.