Early green screen effort

One of the new features (toys) in Leopard I’ve been most excited about is the addition of green screening in iChat and Photo Booth. This is the effect they use on The Daily Show (and the evening news) to make it look like the reporter is standing in front of the White House or the Supreme Court.

Mr. Jobs left me with the impression that I could put a still image or video behind me and have hours of fun. You can see the result above. I think I could get the lighting and the green screen working but the sound is off for some reason. One hopes this is fixed in a future update.

One thought on “Early green screen effort

  1. I’m about to embark on a build-out in my basement to accomodate a green screen. I invested in a high-def cam and some lighting is on the way. There is actually a demand for this, and it’s fun! Whodathunk?

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