I guess intelligent people could argue about whether happiness is something that happens to you or something you can make happen. Gary van Warmerdam believes and, more importantly, makes me believe, we can achieve happiness. We can make it happen.

I won’t get all New-Age touchy-feely on you here. But if you’re not as happy as you’d like to be, I highly recommend a visit to Gary’s blog and website. Or his podcast (This guy’s voice is magic).

This is a topic I don’t post on too often. The idea of “changing your life” can sound weird if you’re not “ready.” When you are, Mr. van Warmerdam might be just the guy to help you get there.

One thought on “Happiness

  1. I read the blog and am already more at peace with myself. Seriously, it’s not unlike any self help or positive thinking program. Be truthful, with yourself and others, Listen and feel for others, seek happiness in life. Everything in the blue pill. I’m going out swinging.

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