Dave Winer: “The Small Picture”

Dave Winer weighs in on the relationship between subscriber numbers (to your blog or website) and actual readership, and why he’s more interested in “the small picture”:

“Ultimately what matters to me is not how many people subscribe to my feed, rather how much of a connection I can make with the people I want to connect with. I’m satisfied that the people I care about read my site.

I’m a blogger not a broadcaster. Blogging isn’t about mass markets, it’s about the small picture. My small picture (and for you, yours). I’m trying to draw a picture, create a frame of reference that’s personal, not corporate. I’m a zig to corporate media’s zag. I am a blogger. I am personal.”

I was a broadcaster for a dozen years. My father for 30+. The company I work for was once all about broadcasting (now less so). It’s a little… unsettling, to realize that I’m no longer a broadcaster.

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