The Bourne Ultimatum

Just watch the extended trailer of The Bourne Ultimatum, the latest (and final?) installment in the series of spy thrillers starring Matt Damon. Goose bumps. Twice. If this flick is as good as the first two, it will make for one hell of a three-DVD set.

Those of us with EAG (Enhanced Anticipation Gene) are cursed and blessed. Cursed when we flip into Worry Mode… blessed when we have lots of stuff fun stuff just over the horizon. Like this movie, which opens August 3. And William Gibson’s Spook Country, a few days later. And a new version of the Mac operating system in October (Will somebody please turn off the nerd alarm?)

One thought on “The Bourne Ultimatum

  1. Gotta agree… I really dig spy thrillers. When Bourne Idenity came out… I thought it was a great flick. Then came the Bourne Supremacy… man, the writer and director hit another homerun with me.
    As for the Bourne Ultimatum- I start spotting just thinking about it. I will drag my wife kicking and screaming to this film… afterall, she drug my ass to Titanic!

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