Never wear a neck-tie around a monkey

Doc Mobley shares this bit of Zen-like insight in a recent post of Your Pet’s Best Friend:

Chimp“I thought of (the advice of my former professor) when a little kitten came unglued, jumped into the air, executed a 180-degree mid-air pinwheel, and latched onto my neck-tie (I had neglected to zip my lab coat).  As the kitten swung back and forth like Tarzan, I was transported in time to hear the voice of the master: “Never wear a neck-tie around a monkey.”  Words to live by.”

Doc Mobley reports his staff suggested a re-enactment for YouTube. He declined but I think he should seriously consider a series of short (3-5 min) videos about pet care. His droll, quick wit would be perfect for this format. Ad libbed, no script. Think Marlin Perkins meets Bill Murray. These would kill!

The hang-up is time. He doesn’t have much to spare. If I still lived in Kennett I’d propose we collaborate. I’d shoot, edit and post to YouTube. He handles the monkey.

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