Flood images: YouTube and Flickr

People in the midwest (Iowa and Missouri) affected by the flooding wasted no time in posting video to YouTube. Here’s some footage from Washington, Missouri.

Missouri Valley, Iowa got 5-7″ of rain in a very short period of time, which resulted in three levee breaks. This clip is part of a series … this guy (I don’t know why I think it’s a guy) decided to go with a rock video treatment … and here’s one from Wyeth Hill in St. Joseph MO. (Across the river, Elwood Kansas was in the process evacuating.)

A Flickr search for “missouri flood” pulled up 490 images. I’m sure I missed some good ones. Go ahead and post them in Comments.

One thought on “Flood images: YouTube and Flickr

  1. While watching the ‘rock video treatment’ clip, I couldn’t get myself into the serious natural disaster mental state that one would expect while viewing a rising flood… maybe it was because it was set to Wierd Al’s newest hit “White & Nerdy”.

    While watching the flood video, I kept expecting Donny Osmond to jump out of a jon boat and bust a move.
    Maybe next time they can set a Category 5 twister to the hit “Eat It”, or a California earthquake to “Polkarama!”.
    What are some great songs that could have been placed with these images? Here’s a few …
    The Sky Is Crying or Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Rain Please Go Away – Alison Krauss & Union Station
    Who’ll Stop The Rain or Green River – CCR
    Thunderstruck – AC/DC
    Big River – Johnny Cash
    or …
    Blame It On The Rain – Milli Vanilli

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