Apple gets retail

Apple Store

Roger points us to this New York Times story on the success of Apple’s retail stores:

“Mr. Jobs understood, however, that his stores would sell not merely products but also gratification. He told the trade magazine Chain Store Age Executive in 2001: “When I bring something home to the kids, I want to get the smile. I don’t want the U.P.S. guy to get the smile.”

Customer response is told in the numbers. Last month, Apple released results for the quarter ended March 31. More than 21.5 million people visited its stores, which now number more than 180. Store sales were $855 million, up 34 percent from the quarter a year earlier, and they contributed more than $200 million in profits.”

If you decide it’s time to buy your first Mac, take the time… make the drive… visit an Apple store. It is a unique retail experience.

PS: Received this little reminder while posting this from the home office Dell.

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