Amazon launches podcast network today officially launched the Amazon Podcasts network, an original podcast offering that features four channels of free content: Amazon BookClips, Music You Should Hear, Significant Seven and
Amazon Wire.

  • Amazon BookClips – A weekly podcast offering customers a free sneak peek at some of the most popular soon-to-be-released audiobooks.
  • Music You Should Hear – A free, weekly MP3 podcast whereby customers receive an MP3 recording featuring complete songs from developing and indie artists, selected by Amazon’s music editors.
  • Significant Seven – A monthly podcast in which book editors from talk about seven of the most exciting upcoming books before they are released.
  • Amazon Wire – An exclusive, biweekly podcast featuring interviews with some of today’s hottest authors, actors, directors and musicians.

All of these sound like something I would listen to regularly. Will the typical podcaster get rich? No. Will companies like Amazon find creative and profitable ways to use podcasting? Wait, wait… I know this one… [via Podcasting News]