Life before YouTube, Flickr and Mac Book Pro

I just wasn’t thinking ahead. When I started messing with websites and putting stills and video online, everything was just hard. Almost nobody had fast internet connections. YouTube, Google Video et al were somewhere over the digital rainbow. And hard drives had not become as cheap as they are today, so just “keeping” these big files was a problem.

And I was so intent in putting everything I did online, I didn’t bother to save high resolution still images. I rendered most of my video down to files sizes that could be downloaded.

I’m reminded of my lack of foresight every time I go back and upload a clip to (in this case) Google Video. Like this performance by Daniel “Slick” Ballinger, recorded in March of 2004.

And I should add that the iLife suite (iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, etc) that ships with OSX just makes it so easy and fun to create. Who knew? Now we save everything. Uncompressed. Best quality. Word to the wise.

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