“Science Fiction Punk Psychedelia”

Following email came in over the smays.com transom from Mike:

“I google-image searched “Hippy Witch” and came across this picture. I think it’s a fantastic image!!

Halloween 1974


Anyway, I’m a musician and I wanted to use it as the sleeve for a single I’m doing for a label called “HoZac.” The name of my “band” is Blank Dogs, it’s a home-recording thing and this picture fits the sound perfect. I guess I’d describe it as “Science Fiction Punk Psychedelia.”

It wouldn’t be used ironically, or poked fun at, I just think it’s a super-great photo and I was wondering if I could get your permission to use it. It’s an indie label and they wouldn’t be able to pay anything for it’s use, but maybe you think it’d be cool!”

No charge, Mike. We are flattered that someone finally grokked what we were trying to express with these 1974 Halloween costumes. With Mike’s permission, we’ll share a bit of the single when it’s available. Yes, I think we all want to hear the sound that goes with this image. BLANK DOGS ROCK! (rocks?)

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