Hillary “In It to Spin It”

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi on HRC’s announcement she’s running for president:

“Had Hillary embraced head-on her undeniable role as an unwitting martyr/archetype for the modern professional woman, had she opened up her campaign by actually showing us what her private thoughts have been throughout all of these trying times, and what she might think the meaning of her journey has been or could be, she would have instantly established herself as an extraordinarily interesting and compelling story, at the very least. Instead, Hillary is clearly so spooked by the experience of not being taken seriously by the Beltway establishment that she’s gone overboard in the direction of being a typical Inside-Baseball, full-of-shit Washington hack, spraying cardboard cliches like machine-gun fire. She’s Joe Biden without the plugs.

It’s obvious that Hillary sees the pursuit of the White House by means of the tireless upchucking of hollow, computer-generated horseshit as the ultimate man’s game in Washington, and she wants to show she can play it with the big boys. So she’s slinging twice as much crap, twice as much bullshit. What she fails to see is that, while she’s playing the game right, the game is the problem, it’s a crock of shit. It would have been nice if she’d had the courage to be different, which she incidentally already is, by default. Instead, she’s choosing consciously to be just another lousy corporate politician — one who’ll deserve all the abuse she’ll get for playing by the wrong rules.”

“…the game is the problem, it’s a crock of shit.” Exactly.