BlackBerry Orphans

Interesting story at about how hand-held email devices (BlackBerry, Treo, etc) are cutting into quality time at home. I’m never far from a computer so I have no stones to throw, but there seems to be something even more addictive about these devices. They are just so easy to use. So handy. And Barb’s Treo makes this insidious little tone when a new email comes in (“Check me! Check me!).

BlackBerryOne ninth-grader (in the WSJ story) says she has caught her parents typing emails on their Treos during her eighth-grade awards ceremony, at dinner and in darkened movie theaters. “During my dance recital, I’m 99% sure they were emailing except while I was on stage,” she says. “I think that’s kind of rude.”

Most of the senior managers in our company have BlackBerry’s and I’ll bet you a hot oil back rub on Oprah they’re using the little buggers right up until bedtime.

Update: NPR interview with the reporter that did the story and some of the people she interviewed.