Life and work interferring with blogging

It does pain me to look at the little calendar to the right and see that entire days have gone by with not a single post here at Four days last week! Cripes! What’s the point of living if you’re too busy to blog about it? What have I been doing that is more important than this?

We relaunched one of our websites last week. is the online home of Wisconsin Radio Network. Our news network websites are among the oldest in the company. Almost ten years for a couple of them. Waaay overdue for an overhaul. is next and then

The Amazing Andy (Gestalt Inc) does all of our sites and he’s done a nice job with these. All sites optimized for blogging, RSS, podcasting, etc. Still miles to go but I’m hoping to have all three up and running before the end of the year.

Spending more and more time talking with clients about blogging and podcasting. The vast majority are still clueless about these tools but there are little flashes of “get it” here and there and we’re trying to fan these tiny sparks into roaring infernos.

But it’s all web-o-licious and I can’t remember the last time I heard the phrase “this Internet thing” at Camp Learfield.

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