Skype from Norway

I just spent half an hour chatting with Chuck Zimmerman who is in Oslo, Norway covering the annual meeting of the International Federation of Agriculture Journalists. More on that in a moment…

The purpose of the call was to play with Skype (and teach Chuck the correct pronunciation of fjord). Chuck’s had a Skype account for a while but –like me– really didn’t know a lot of folks using the service. I’m guessing a half-hour telco call would cost a few bucks, but the Skype-to-Skype call was free. And the quality was damned good. I’m not gonna post on this again until I can include some sample audio.

One final observation on Chuck’s coverage of the IFAJ conference. Of the approximately 200 journalist attending, Chuck guesses 95% are print and the rest are PR folks and a few radio types.

I’m guessing most of the attendees are there to drink beer, eat cheese and have a good time. Which, I assume, Chuck is doing, too. But not one of them is blogging the event. Chuck is doing it because the folks at Pioneer are paying him but, still…

Anyway, Skype was slicker than snot and I promise to get you a sample for those that haven’t played with this amazing service.

One thought on “Skype from Norway

  1. I just had to “slide” in a quick comment to say I love the phrase “slicker than snot.” In my opinion, it just can’t be used enough.

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