Phone Whores

In case you are not familiar with a term that I just made up, a phone whore is a woman who goes to the airport with no magazines, laptops, books, puzzles or other means to entertain her. All she has is a phone, and she’s going to use it, no matter how many people are annoyed.

The phone whore is motivated by the desire to talk with people. The phone asshole (male variety) is motivated by the need to have everyone on the flight know he’s negotiating important business deals and that he has staff members that must receive his wisdom.

— Scott Adams


One thought on “Phone Whores

  1. I have finally broken down. At almost 30 (I turn on Friday), I am the last remaining person in my demographic (between 12 and 40) who doesn’t own one. That all changes soon. I am a sell out.

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