Google spreadsheets

When I bought the MacBook, I decided not to purchase Microsoft Office. I can’t remember the last time I felt the need to write something in Office. And few things make me go nuts faster than getting an email that says “see attached Word doc” in the body…and the Word doc has two lines of crap that could just as easily have been written in the body of the email (Get a clue you ignorant hillbilly!). What was my point? Oh yeah, MS Office…

Don’t need it. Don’t need Powerpoint. And –as of tomorrow– I don’t need Excel.
Google is set to launch a Web-based spreadsheet program that will allow people to view and simultaneously edit data while conducting “in-document” chat and supports the import and export of documents in the .xls format used in Excel and the .csv (comma-separated values) format.

I’m not a heavy spreadsheet user and I’m guessing the folks in our finance and accounting department couldn’t get by with the new Google spreadsheet. But I’m doing fine without Office and finer tomorrow.

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