Who was the guy that was in Wings?

Reading (3rd time) Carl Hiaasen’s Skinny Dip. One of the main characters is a middle-aged guy that has been divorced six times. All waitresses. Part of his screening process was to ask them to name the Beatles. If they could not, the cultural gulf was probably too wide. How could you not know the names of the Beatles?

While discussing last night’s American Idol performances (Taylor Hicks sang a Beatles song) with a female co-worker today, I asked if she (mid-20’s) could name the Beatles. She could only come up with McCartney. Alas.

One thought on “Who was the guy that was in Wings?

  1. I was listening to a radio show today here, and they were discussing American Idol. The guy was saying that Taylor had no right doing a cover of a Beatles song, because it was “sacred ground.” What an idiot… great music is great music. I should think the Beatles would be flattered.
    Anyway, great minds must think alike, because at the time I wondered to myself if the host could name all the Beatles.

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