Reduce stress, promote healing

Image of Leaf

If you only know Henry Domke from, he’s just my podcasting doctor buddy with whom I goof around each week. His passion for healing is matched by his passion for digital photography and he specializes in images from nature. I’ve linked to his work before and some of his pieces grace the walls of our home. A lot of his work winds up in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices where –like Henry– they calm and heal. From the comments section of Henry’s website (scroll down a bit):

“One of our patients told me how much inspiration she received from one of your framed pictures. She told me that while she waited for her name to be called to go back for chemotherapy, she would gaze at the picture. She said the way the sun shone from behind the tree made her think that the Lord was going to walk out from behind the tree.”

Tell me, how gratifying is that for a photographer? Henry recently added some amazing new images that make you want to spritz on the Deep Woods Off and grab your Nikon.

One thought on “Reduce stress, promote healing

  1. Yes indeed, a picture can be inspirational, itf well done it can evoke all sorts of emotion. Mick

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