Yes, some corporations can podcast.

Despite the doubts I raised in the previous post, there is plenty of podcast cream rising to surface. In the interest of balance, I thought I should mention a couple:

The Castrol SYNTEC folks hired Funkmaster Flex to host their Unlock the Power podcasts. The Funkmaster is a DJ and car customizing expert who hosts tv shows like ESPN2’s All Muscle and Spike TV’s Ride with Funkmaster Flex.

I listened to a 13 minute interview with NHRA driver Ashley Force. About half-way through Ashley puts in a plug for Castrol but it flow nicely with the interview and sounded…honest. Much more effecitve than a produced thirty-second spot. Be interesting to see how they work in the sponsor if the interviewee is not a driver. [via Micro Persuasion]

MommyCast is a couple of moms “holding the world together, one child at at time.” They just about They’ve produced 72 shows and generated enough of a following to attact a sponsosr (Dixie). The one I listened to was about dads who stay at home, or wish to take an active role in raising their children much to the dismay of their employers. The sponsor got a quick mention in the open and again at the close and a “brought to you by Dixie” graphic on the website.

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