Sports highlights podcast

Chuck gave me this one at lunch and I couldn’t wait to try it on a couple folks when I got back to the office.

Our company produces the play-by-play broadcasts for some of the top colleges in the country. We pull audio highlights from each game and end up with dozens by the end of a game day. Arguably, the very best moments of the game.

I’d put a couple of sports goofs in a studio with 30 or 40 of these little nuggets and just have them play them, one after other. Just a little set-up on the front end and maye a few seconds of react. Lay some funky music under the entire thing. No mind-numbing analysis or second-guessing. Just play the highlights. And then put it up as a weekly podcast. I think fans would eat this up with a spoon.

Reaction was mixed. I used to pitch ideas like this as though my life depended on them. These days, I toss them out like cheap beads from a Mardi Gras float. If you catch one, good for you. If not, they were only cheap beads.

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