Sheryl Crow: Clear and optimistic

Sheryl Crow has posted an open letter to her fans on her website. It’s an update on her health as she begins a series (33) of radiation treatments.

I am doing really well. Strangely, I feel clear and optimistic…perhaps more than ever. I am on day 4 of my 33 radiation treatments and am feeling really good. As you know, my breast cancer was detected very early and I am completely blessed that it was removed and all I have to undergo in the way of treatment is radiation, strictly for preventative measures. I am told I will suffer fatigue starting about week 3 and some redness and some skin irritation in the final weeks. My great radiologist did tell me that my left breast would be firm and perky when I’ve completed the treatments and I asked if she could go ahead and radiate the other while she was at it. She said no.

She’s looking forward to a tour this summer which she describes as “… a celebration every night of how lucky I feel with this life I have been given.”

Does this lady have a good attitude, or what? [Thanks, Ann]

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