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Scott Adams recently invited readers to “ask for my opinion on any topic and I will give it to you in the clearest possible terms (as many as I can get to).” They did and he did. And I found myself agreeing with about 98% of his answers.  A few of my favorites:

Q. Who, out of any person, would do the best job of dictator with total control of the world, and please give a real response.
A. Bill Gates. He’s rational, experienced, and has a good track record of helping the disadvantaged through his charitable trusts.

Q. Can you give an easy solution for all the Middle East problems, including but not limited to ethnic issues, religious issues, corruption issues, oil issues, nuclear issues, and last but not least, the poor history of this region in the soccer world cup?
A. There is no solution. But I often wonder what would happen if we surrendered, apologized for interfering in the region, and withdrew all financial and military support for everyone including Israel. I think Israel would survive just fine, countries would still sell us plenty of oil, and our enemies would get busy killing each other. We learned from the Cold War that enemies really do need a reason to want to kill you. It’s not for entertainment.

Q. Most futuristic thing you wish would be invented now?
A. Orgasm ray gun.

One thought on “Scott Adams: Ask my opinion

  1. I loved that post as well, and as hard as this is to believe, I also found myself agreeing with most of his answers.
    my favorites:
    Q. Do you feel human beings are inherently selfish?
    A. Yup.
    Q. I would like your opinion on how not to be lazy. I think I am ruining my life being lazy.
    A. Do something you enjoy enough to work hard at it. If nothing meets that description, you are born lazy. I think people are 90% internally motivated.

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