Sheryl Crow on cover of Shape Magazine

Shape CoverSheryl Crow will be 44 next month but it will be a smoking hot 44, based on the cover of Shape. Ms. Crow says she runs or bikes (outdoors) for at least an hour “every single day.” Doesn’t listen to music while running, but meditates and “gets her thoughts in order.” If not running, she’s biking with Lance. She cuts out early since LA typically does six or seven hours a day. When the two cook at home, they make a Mexican burrito for breakfast with cheese, salsa and Jimmy Dean sausage. She eats lots of vegetables and recently gave up caffeine. [Photo]

4 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow on cover of Shape Magazine

  1. Actually these photo’s of Sheryl really haven’t been touched much. She been an athlete (Track) since she was in High School. I’ve seen Miss Crow up close on several occasions and she’s about as fit a woman as I’ve ever seen.

  2. You do realize they airbrush those, right? I mean, they airbrush Tyra Banks, and she’s a lot younger and firmer than Sheryl Crow. I don’t know that tidbit from watching Tyra Banks’ talk show. Honest.

  3. Barb spends far more time reading this blog than she does listening to me. So, yes, she is fully aware of my obsession with young, hard-body women. But, as with my interest in inter-steller travel, she is not concerned.

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