Media Maturity

Jon Fine (BusinessWeek online) on mature media:

“You can’t imagine letting people leave comments about you for everyone to see. You can’t imagine rank amateurs’ content being more attractive than that produced by a Mature Medium. (You silently scream: “It took me decades to get where I am!”) You can’t see that News Corp. and Suzuki have calculated — zenlike — that the only way to maintain control is to give it up. That they realize media go both ways now. That they can’t hide behind their accustomed walls. To do so may protect your flank, but at the risk of closing yourself off to the Next Big Thing.”

I am making a concerted effort to not talk about “all of this,” because it is simply impossible to grok what’s happening if you are not participating in it. Non-bloggers can’t see the attraction, let alone the implications. Those who aren’t listening to podcasts, can’t understand why anyone would or how it might impact their business. Like they say in the hospital movies, “I’m afraid all we can do now is try to keep him comfortable.”

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