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A co-worker recently announced that he could finally get high-speed Internet access (Sprint ADSL) at his appartment. The speed/price package was much better than mine, so I called the Sprint folks. Now, I’m probably jinxing myself with this post but I can’t resist.

I’m currently paying $60 per month for 1.5M download/256k upload. Beginning tomorrow, that goes up to 3M down/??? upload, for the same price (thanks to some kind of rebate). Still not up there with cable speeds but a long way from the 2400 baud dial-ups of yesteryear. I’ll let you know if access seems twice as fast.

2 thoughts on “High speed Internet access

  1. As a former Sprint indentured servant, I would recommend that you save yourself $40 bucks and drop down to the 1.5 speed for $19.95 after January 3rd. Of course you won’t be able to do that if you have had your DSL for less than a year because there was a one year commitment when you originally signed up. There is no way that you will be able to detect the difference in speed between 3meg and 1.5meg and you are already paying way too much for 1.5. Look at it as a 66% off sale, everything must go!
    After a couple years of being completely uncompetitive- Sprint is deciding to actually price their services in a way that would cause consumers to consider them as a valuable alternative to cable. As far as the cable modem speeds versus DSL…lot’s of people claim that cable is sooo fast, but those speeds vary according to traffic, whereas the DSL is the same speed regardless of the number of users. A truly tech savvy reader might be able to chime in with the jargon or refute the claim.

  2. Steve, because I upload so much audio to my server, I have to have special service through Charter Business Solutions – yet it still feels like they are screwing me w/o kissing. $250 per month gets me 1m up, 5m down. That’s ridiculous.
    Verizon is coming out with a 5m up, 30m down (!) for somewhere around 99 a month, but the rollout is extremely slow.

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