Farmers like cool stuff, too

I spottted this at and agree with Chuck, this is pretty cool. The Syngenta Resistance Fighter website is a far cry from the typical “farm” site. Very cleverly done and, as Chuck points out, the radio/audio component is pretty nifty.

Props to Syngenta (and the site creators) for daring to think that farmers are not just a bunch of slow talking guys driving around in pick-up trucks. Why should all ag-related websites have cows and pigs and corn as the focal point.

As a rule, I don’t care for these “click on the file cabinet” navigation schemes but this one is very well done. Will this accomplish Syngenta’s objectives. Who knows? (Well, Syngenta will know) But Chuck linked. And I linked. And maybe you’ll link. And the music comes out here.

Speaking of using the web effectively, Chuck is blogging next week’s World Dairy Expo over at the World Dairy Diary. Based on Chuck’s previous efforts, you’ll know more about the Expo from reading the blog than if you were attending the event in Madison, WI.