DASH for Health

My doctor has encouraged me to try the DASH Diet. I don’t need to lose any weight, he just thinks it’s a good healthy, diet. I went back to their website and entered my data: 57 year old male, 155 pounds, moderate activity. Here’s what the DASH program recommends that I eat each day.

Man, that’s lot of fruit and vegetables. If you figure I’m not gonna have spinach for breakfast, that means I have to have three veggies at lunch and three at the evening meal. Tough. Most of the rest seems doable… but who in the hell eats 11 slices of bread a day? I guess I can do two at breakfast and two more at lunch and a couple for the evening meal. But that still leaves 5 slices! I’m sure I’m reading this incorrectly so I have to do a little more research. Stay tuned.