Younger than the pope

Nancy sent me to the Age Guage [dead link] where I learned some disturbing things. I’m only six years younger than Ann-Margret and I’m the same age as Ted Danson. I was 13 when The Sound of Music was released and just 11 when Ben-Hur hit the theaters (Hawaii was admitted as the 50th of the United States that same year). I was 5 years old when TV Guide debuted nationally and 9 when Leave It to Beaver first aired (was the Beav nine, as well?). All pretty depressing.

On the up side… I was 15 when the Beatles appeared live for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show and it was a very big deal for teenagers. I was 17 when 8 track tape players were first offered in 1966 Fords. Before that you listened to whatever the radio station was playing or nothing.

The Age Gauge is not for sissies.

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