Back stage with the Rolling Stones

XM Ben attended the Rolling Stones concert Monday night (DC) and managed to get backstage where he had his photo taken spooning Ron Wood. I think that qualifies as a Brush with Near Greatness.

It flashed me back to 1964 (my sophomore year in high school) when the Rolling Stones were all over the radio. We had never heard anything remotely like them. How can they possibly be touring 40 years later?

Mick Jagger at 61

“That he is a sexagenarian didn’t seem to faze Mr. Jagger’s fans on nearby rooftops and around the stage as they pumped their fists in the air and watched the band perform. True to form, Mr. Jagger, 61, waved his hands in the air and jumped up and down, showing off his still rail-thin stomach. “I’ll never stop, never stop, never stop,” he sang, strutting back and forth.” []

I wouldn’t trade the sixties for an extra 10 years.

Honky Tonk Woman

Last night the Rolling Stones did a live HBO concert from Madison Square Garden. About half way through the two hour show they launched into Honky Tonk Women and out struts Sheryl Crow looking like ten million bucks.

It’s always difficult to tell if Jagger and Richards are leering but they both seemed delighted to have Crow join them and Mick couldn’t keep his hands off her. Crow –the only “special guest” to appear– was just a baby (one or two) when the Stones hit the charts in the U.S. but there she was, on stage in Madison Square Garden, before a world-wide TV audience. I kept asking myself, “What’s bigger than this? What’s ‘up’ from here?” The concert will be rebroadcast at 8 p.m., Monday on HBO2 and 9 p.m., Thursday on HBO.