Drone video of New York City

The three days I spent in NYC last May were great. (One day with an experienced native-NY’er guide.) But the video below shows a NY I didn’t see. Couldn’t see. But one day will.

What would I be willing to pay for a real-time virtual drone tour of NY (or Paris or Rome or Tokyo)? I thinking high-quality goggles with nat sound (drone motors someone filtered out) or real-time voice-over by pilot/guide. Or just music bkg if I choose.

[Stipulation: There is no substitute for being there. “Real” experiences are superior to “virtual” experience. For now.]

Dark Universe

“With astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as your guide, go beyond the night sky and into deep space to find out how discoveries over the past 100 years have led us to two great cosmic mysteries: dark matter and dark energy. You’ll hurtle through Jupiter’s atmosphere, peer at the web of dark matter holding galaxies together, and watch the colorful remains of the universe’s beginnings unfold.”

I was fortunate to experience this at the Hayden Planetarium (part of the American Museum of Natural History in New York). The most amazing and wonderful think I have every seen.

Ammi Simon: Tour Guide

Next week I’ll be in New York for a few days. I don’t have much planned. Just walking around, soaking up the atmosphere. I’ve hired a guide for my first day. Ammiel has lived in New York City since 1960. He attended The High School of Music and Art and has performed as an actor and musician at Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall. I found him on ToursbyLocals.com. Ammi has promised to show me the New York that only New Yorkers see.