Black & white dreams

My dreams always seem to happen at night. Rather the dream scenario unfolds after dark. Or so I’ve always thought. Could be all those episodes of I Love Lucy.

“A 2008 study at the University of Dundee in the U.K. found that people who grew up when television was invented sometimes have dreams in black and white, while those who have experienced only color television usually have colorful dreams.”

“…almost all of our dreams have a narrative quality. Most of the ones we remember also have some sort of troubling aspect to them, which is why they stick out in our minds.”

From article on what blind people see when they dream.

Lucy and Barb

Barb+lucyLucy –the junior pup at our house– is extremely camera shy. If you pick up something that even resembles a camera, she runs under the bed (her sanctuary). I thought I could fool her with the iPhone. No way.

But I got this shot (with iPhone) last night. Hardly a great photo but I like the monitor glow on Barb and you can just spot Lucy’s nose peeking out from beneath the table.

For some reason it appears I’m about five floors up but it’s just one.

Just keep your dog biscuits

Reading-glassesLucy the Golden Retriever ate not one, but two, $400 Palm Trio cell phones (back when they cost that much). But her favorite forbidden fruit is reading glasses (dirty underpants don’t count). I drop a pair about twice a week and Lucy scoops ’em up and heads for her spot under the bed. I only pay about $8 for a pair of cheap readers online but we worry about here swallowing glass or a sharp piece of plastic. Yeah, I know… I could wear one of those little cords around my neck that are so popular with librarians. Naw.

Indoor dog park

Indoor-dogpark2You’ve heard of dog parks? Places you can safely take your pup to run free and play with other dogs. In the frozen tundra that is Madison, Wisconsin, they have indoor dog parks. Bob is taking his dog Dusty next week and reports the place has a webcam so you can watch Fido sniff Sparky’s butt. Note the plastic floor for easy clean-up. Looks like an industrial strength pooper-scooper and a big bucket next to the door. And don’t miss the beat up old couch in the corner. Are there 3 or 4 dogs on that thing?

During the brief time I watched, the yellow lab and the golden retriever were having a great time.

I’d love to have a facility like this for Ripley and Lucy.

PS: Yoga students will note the near-perfect example of Downward Facing Dog.


Owl200I’m trying to be more aware. To see where I am and the beauty that surrounds me. Standing in the back yard, waiting for Lucy and Ripley to find that perfect spot, I spotted an owl in a big oak tree. A rarity.

I was struck by this guy/gal’s size. And when he blinked (do owls blink?), he looked… thoughtful. Very aware if his surroundings. Sorry the image isn’t better. Some shots are just beyond the little Casio.

Holiday Greetings from Ripley and Lucy


Far and away the most asked question about the annual holiday card, "How did you get the dogs to sit still for the photo?"
[Larger version]

The answer has always been a combination of patience and treats. This year, neither was enough to get Lucy to pose. When the camera came out, she freaked and ran. Barb never lost her cool but I really thought this would be the year she’d have to punt.

The image above perfectly captures the exhaustion of everyone involved. Not an award winner, but an honest and true image of the season. We’re all a little exhausted.