iPhone X Photos

Barb’s only had her iPhone X for a few days and is still getting the hang of new features. Today she played with some of the new photos options. Don’t know how they’ll look here but on my laptop (and her phone) they looked damned good. Not sure which setting were used for each photo but I can tell you I’ve never seen a photo taken with a phone that was this crisp and sharp. The new iPhones are just larger than I like so I’m hoping these new camera features come to some future SE model.

Pooper: Never pick up your dog’s poop again

My first thought was… hoax. But this looks like a real thing. (So don’t tell me there are no jobs out there to be had.) With two big Goldens, picking up poop is a daily ritual for me. One that I enjoy. I have good tools and a little plastic bucket. One swing around the yard and I have made the world a better place.

But paying someone to pick up my dog’s shit? No. Wrong. If you’re not willing to pick up Fido’s load, you don’t deserve to have a dog. The end.