Coffee Zone Time Lapse Video

An hour of video using the time-lapse feature on the iPhone 6 boils down to 30 seconds. A pretty cool effect. This is my local coffee shop (Coffee Zone) between 7-8 a.m. today. If you watch closely you might see someone’s breakfast get knocked over and cleaned up. That’s Jordan behind the counter. I’ll try to be a bit more creative with this in my next effort.

Garageband on the iPad

I fiddled around with Garageband when I got my first MacBook but couldn’t really figure out much to do with it. Figured it was just for musicians. Today I tried out the new iPad app and discovered a completely different experience.

First, there’s something about using your fingers that just seemed so much more intuitive than a cursor. And they’ve made the iPad app for people like me who can’t read a note of music or carry a tune.

I’ve only started playing with Garageband so won’t attempt a review, they must be all over YouTube and the Apple website. But here’s my first effort.

AUDIO: Bust-A-Bean (The Coffee Zone Song)

First iPad on (and before) Missouri Supreme Court

Missouri Supreme Court Judge Mary Russell received an iPad for Christmas and she stopped by the Coffee Zone on Saturday to get some tips on apps. In this photo Mac God George Kopp is showing her something on his iPhone (that’s my Barb in the middle).

Judge Mary is rightly proud of being the first member of the court to have a iPad and mentioned that one of the attorneys arguing before the court this past week used an iPad for notes. Another first.

I’m telling you, these things are going to be everywhere