Family Tree


John Calvin Mays, Jr.(1/21/1926 – 3/5/2002) Born: Elmira, New York. Obituary; Service; Friends
Verna Evelyn Perry (2/5/1927 – 5/4/1988) Born: Broseley, Missouri

Maternal Grandparents

Claude Curtis Perry (1888-1951) + Inus Seana Blane [Rogers] (1891-1971); Married: 1/26/1920, Holcomb, MO. Claude and Inus each had three children from their first marriages. After they married they had three children together. Claude Curtis Perry was born on 2/7/1888, in Bloomfield, MO, and died 10/18/1951 in Broseley. Buried at Brown’s Chapel Cemetery, Brosley, MO. (Obituary) His first marriage was to Ida R. Graves (Fox?) on January 30, 1906. She died in June, 1918.

Inus Seana Blane was born on 3/21/1891, in Model Tennessee (Stewart County). She died on 6/8/1971 and is buried at Brown’s Chapel Cemetery, Brosley, MO (Obituary). Her first marriage was to Alfred H. Rogers, March 22, (year unknown). He died November 7, 1918.

  • Beatrice (died at 3 months)
  • Harrold Emmett Rogers (1912-1973) –Married Willie Davis (12/21/36)
    • Lois Jean Moore
    • Bernice Kirby
  • Gilbert C. (Jake) Rogers (1914-?) — Married Mildred Holloway (8/2/40)
    • Jack
    • Phil
    • John
    • Lanny
    • Fletcher
  • (Millie) Marie Rogers (7/28/1918-11/13/97) — Married Ira A. Martin (7/1/35) No children

Claude and Inus were married January 26, 1920, south of Holcomb, MO by A. J. Goole in the minister’s home.

Paternal Grandparents

John Calvin Mays, Sr.; 11/7/1900 — 3/27/1976
Emma Delilah Munns; 3/21/1901 — ????

Maternal Great Grandparents

William L. “Dink” Perry; 10/5/1826 — 3/15/1909
Elizabeth White Perry

Paternal Great Grandparents

Joseph Merrel Mase; Born 1863, Ithaca, NY; Died: 9/12/1959 (96 years) Photo of gravestone — retired woodsman + Nancy Louise Grover

  • Vernon
  • Flora
  • Milton
  • Olivia
  • Richard
  • Jennie
  • Leon
  • Joseph (Raymond)1
  • Clyde
  • George (Dewey)
  • John Calvin (my grandfather)
  • Ruth
  • Martha

1Only Joseph and one of his brothers chose the Mays spelling. And of Joseph and Nancy’s children, only Vernon and one of his brothers chose to revert to Mase.

For additional information, contact Esther Mays Harer, 2521 Canoe Camp Creek Rd., Covington, PA 16917 РTel: 570-659-5364 ( Esther has been doing genealogical research on the family for the past 30 yrs and has pictures of John Calvin and others. And Vernon Mase

Maternal Great Great Grandparents

William L. White
Mary A.V. Price White, Born: October,1830

Paternal Great Great Grandparents

  • John + Estavilla Merrel Mase
  • Joseph Merrell Mase

Paternal Great Great Great Grandparents

  • William Mase + Violet Ridge Mase (Liberty Township, Tioga County, PA)
  • John Mase