Property Lines

We built our home 30 years ago so I sort of forgot the shape of our 3 acres. Technology being what it is, one can now go online and obtain nice aerial views with lots of County Assessor info to boot.

The placement of our house looks a little odd unless you know we are at the top of hill. Siting our house closer to the middle of the property would have meant going up and down the hill every time we came and went. No, the guy that designed our house knew what he was doing. Still, it seems strange to see the property lines from above.

Autumn Leaves

The difference between those who are enlightened and those who are not “is that you don’t know the difference until you realize yourself to be no better than others, then you are better than others. But if you think like this, you are not. Here is the paradox that rules the world.”

— R.H.Blyth (The Tao of Zen by Ray Grigg)

I’ll be on the deck if you need me

corona-steveThe Universe has told me to go sit down and shut the fuck up. So I think I will. For a while at least. Social media is a toxic brew and a break will do me good. When I find something I’d like to share I’ll do that here. Despite my best efforts, I became a little obsessed by the recent political shenanigans and yesterday’s events might just be the icy enema I needed.

The HGTV Effect

A year ago Barb completed a remodel of our main living area. The first since we built the house 25+ years ago. She knew exactly what she wanted and spared no effort (or expense) to get it. One of the outfits she used (cabinets? appliances?) asked to take some photos and sent a guy last week. I’m thinking he had just the right lens and certainly knew what he was doing because our place doesn’t look this nice. I think of this as the HGTV effect.

New flower bed

Ancient Gardeners (Barb) constructed the flower bed below by stacking big, flat stones. Time and the elements took their toll so strong backs and Bobcats were summoned and treasure was expended and there is now a brand new flower bed (above). When it explodes in color I’ll post another photo.