Yard & Garden playlist

Google continues to improve the tools on YouTube (although I suppose that’s a subjective assessment). I’ve been on something of an organizing binge of late and updated a playlist of videos showing the hard work Barb has put into the yard and garden. 18 videos so you won’t want to watch them all. Click the three tiny lines/arrow in top-left corner to see all videos in the list.

iPhone X Photos

Barb’s only had her iPhone X for a few days and is still getting the hang of new features. Today she played with some of the new photos options. Don’t know how they’ll look here but on my laptop (and her phone) they looked damned good. Not sure which setting were used for each photo but I can tell you I’ve never seen a photo taken with a phone that was this crisp and sharp. The new iPhones are just larger than I like so I’m hoping these new camera features come to some future SE model.

It’s the sudden stop

We live a couple miles outside of Jefferson City (MO) on a “no exit” road. This morning someone drove into a utility pole, cutting off access to/from homes. Whole bunch of folks couldn’t get to work… or back to their homes. The people in the house across the road from the accident have a drive that circles around behind their house and back out to the road. They volunteered (or the responders asked) to let folks use their property to get around and out. Good neighbors.

Property Lines

We built our home 30 years ago so I sort of forgot the shape of our 3 acres. Technology being what it is, one can now go online and obtain nice aerial views with lots of County Assessor info to boot.

The placement of our house looks a little odd unless you know we are at the top of hill. Siting our house closer to the middle of the property would have meant going up and down the hill every time we came and went. No, the guy that designed our house knew what he was doing. Still, it seems strange to see the property lines from above.