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When the topic of Series Land Rovers comes up (almost never) someone is sure to point out the trucks are a little hard to drive, they’re noisy, and they’re slow. Top speed around 55 mph.

Last night Mr. Wolf shared this photo of my truck’s speedometer cruising nicely at 50 mph. I’m hoping to hear more about how the car handled on the highway and I’ll update this post. One more thing almost everyone says about Series Land Rovers: They are fun to drive. Again, Mr. Wolf:

On two separate occasions someone slowed from 80 mph, moved all the way over from the fast lane to pull up next to me and give a very emphatic thumbs up. First one was a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, second one was a Tesla Model S P90D

This sounds like he was on the freeway — something I won’t be doing — but nice to know the truck can cruise at a decent speed.

4 thoughts on “Cruising Speed

  1. What a great comment. Thanks, Charlie. Sure would like to see some photos of your IIa. As for a mechanic that knows British cars, that might be a bit of a challenge. Which is why Mr. Wolf is putting so much effort in getting the truck as good as he can. Could I just put the Rover on a trailer and bring it to you?

  2. Steve: Wolf’s accounting is accurate to my experience. Speed-wise and thumbs-up-wise. When I bought my 68 2a, the advice the seller gave to me: “Don’t drive it unless you have time… Time to get there and time to talk. You can’t go fast and everyone loves a Land Rover.”

    I’ve returned to my parked Rover to find people taking pictures… notes under the windshield wiper… people waiting to ask questions… people who have owned Rovers in the past. Etc…

    Accept slow. Embrace the enthusiasm of others. Tell the story – the truck’s history and heritage. How it came to be yours. Have a ton of fun with it.

    Final note: The truck’s teething issues will continue long after you take ownership – it’s a British car – just keep after it. Find a mechanic that knows British cars. They all use the same parts. Build a relationship with that mechanic and expect to have the truck annually maintained – so you can drive it whenever you want. No just drinking beers in it!

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