“Real driving”

I’ve been hanging out on some Land Rover forums and getting lots of advice, ranging from “this will be the most fun you’ve ever had,” to “Don’t sell the MINI.” Probably the most interesting came from Matt:

Your first driving experience in a Land Rover is likely to seem a massive let-down; what have I done? you might think. After driving modern cars the Land Rover will seem like some kind of antediluvian torture device but give it some time. You will need to learn how to drive all over again. It isn’t a driving experience like you’ve become used to. You will have to slow down, don’t expect it to keep up with modern traffic, especially as yours is a 2.25 diesel. Driving a series LR requires a lot of driver input, both physical and mental. It is REAL driving. Same goes for the maintenance but that will lead you gently into becoming more mechanically competent. Levels to check, fan belt to check etc. Give it time and you will probably end up loving your Land Rover.

If there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on it’s hanging on to the MINI. Was gonna sell it sooner rather than later but now think I’ll keep it for a year. By then I will know if keeping it is the right thing to do or that I’ll do just fine with only the truck.

2 thoughts on ““Real driving”

  1. No way, Jose. I’m going to rent a storage space and stop by once a month to fire up the MINI, maybe drive it around the lot.

  2. Poor Mini is gonna freeze its tail pipe off sitting outside… its sad face staring at the garage door it used to sit within, only to be replaced by a big ole dumb, lumbering truck… oh the humanity!!!

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