Concierge Mechanic

Two of my last three primary care physicians considered (if only briefly) concierge medicine before retiring from clinical practice. I would have signed up with either of them. Wikipedia:

“Concierge medicine (also known as retainer medicine) is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. This may or may not be in addition to other charges. In exchange for the retainer, doctors provide enhanced care, including principally a commitment to limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient.”

The idea has resurfaced as I search for a mechanic to service the vintage Land Rover I hope to be driving later this year. I’ve found a garage that I think will be able to do routine service and maintenance but what I’d really like to find is a retired (?) craftsman that would like to pick up a few bucks without slaving away every day. Someone who — for a price — would treat the truck like it was his own. Perhaps we rent time at a garage (after hours?) so he’d have a place to work.

This probably isn’t a business because most of the people who invest in vintage automobile a) don’t drive them every day and b) know how to do routine maintenance themselves. And then there are people like me.

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