Jessie the Land Rover

My buddy Phil pointed me to this blog post by David duChemin (“World & Humanitarian Photographer”)

“So I want to introduce you to Jessie. She’s the one in blue. Jessie is a 1993 Land Rover Defender. In late February Jessie and I are leaving for a while, setting out on an adventure. I’m selling some of my stuff, putting the rest in storage, packing my cameras into Peli-cases and throwing my laptop, sleeping bag and tripods in the back, and we’re embarking on an adventure. I turn 40 this coming year, December 24, 2011, and before I do that I want to spend a year doing something that scares me, something that simplifies my life, something that forces me to breathe deeply and open my eyes. See what watching Dead Poet’s Society one too many times will do to you? The fact that I am turning 40 isn’t relevant, but it’s convenient.”

Seems to be some… mystique surrounding Land Rovers. I expect to come across more stories like this.

2 thoughts on “Jessie the Land Rover

  1. Somehow it sounds like it might be more fun than in a more conventional ride, doesn’t it.

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