1Password (2016)

I think I started using 1Password to manage my passwords in 2010. I was still working and responsible for a lot of websites and online services (for our company and clients). It would have been impossible to keep up with everything without something like 1Password. These days I have less than 150 accounts in my 1PW database (73 logins; 35 secure notes; 15 software licenses; etc)

The software is pricey, relatively speaking. I think I paid $65 for the most recent license. And I believe the company is moving toward a subscription model. $3/mo for single user, $5/mo for a family. A bargain in my opinion.

The YouTube playlist above is comprised of four screencasts covering some of my favorite features of the program:

I’m not sure who might be interested enough to watch these. If you’ve got a system that works, you can probably skip these. If you’re struggling to manage this kind of data and keep it secure, there might be something here for you.