Goodbye Windows, hello Chrome

My friend John has a desktop Windows computer that is infested with malware and update demands. He asked my advice on cleaning it up and I suggested he junk it and get a Chromebook. He agreed and asked me to help so (with the assistance of +George Kopp) I ordered an Acer Chromebook 14. This week I’m headed south to deliver and help make the transition from Windows to Chrome OS.


I signed up to test the early Chromebook from Google and they sent me one to play with (and keep). This was in 2011? It was a good box and had I not already purchased a MacBook, I could have been happy with the Chromebook. The new hardware and software is even better.


He asked me to get him a new printer and George recommended a Brother HLL2360DW wireless laster printer. Again, very impressed and only $150. For less than $500 my friend is getting a new laptop and printer. Not bad. And the printer does Google Cloud Print. Nice.

No more malware. No more constant updates (automatic in the background). Thank you Chrome OS.