Sofa Saga

Hattie and I mourned the loss of our beloved sofa which was to be replaced by a new one with “more contemporary lines” and more in keeping with new paint job. It’s the grey one below.


They (the decorator lady) brought this one out after I nixed the first one they showed me. I couldn’t find the courage to nix TWO sofas so I sat on it for 20 seconds and said okay.

When we got it home, I discovered that if you sat far enough back to sit comfortably, my feet didn’t reach the floor. (It was like being four years old again) If my feet touched the floor, I had to recline about 45 degrees to reach the back of the sofa.

The decorator quickly pointed out this wouldn’t be a problem with lots of little “throw pillows” on the couch. I hate decorative pillows. On a sofa or a bed.


Fortunately Barb — and her sister — agreed with my assessment, the new sofa went home, and the old sofa came out of the basement and back where it belongs.


The End. (music up, roll credits)